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"...In this faith, we can console one another, knowing that the Lord has conquered death once and for all. Our loved ones are not lost in the darkness of nothing: hope assures us that they are in the good and strong hands of God. Love is stronger than death..." 

- Pope Francis, General audience at St. Peter’s Square, June 17, 2015

Those preparing a funeral service for a loved one often have questions. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding preparing for a funeral service in our church. If this is an emergency, please call at 204-803-9252.

Who should be contacted?

When a loved one passes, please contact the parish office to make an appointment with our pastor to begin the funeral planning process. Our Pastor will work with the Funeral Home to help you plan the service. We ask you contact the parish office as soon as possible so that we may accommodate requested dates with respect to what is happening in our parish.

Does the church have a hall we can use for a reception?

The parish has a hall that can be booked for a reception following the service. There is no set fee to rent hall, a free will offering is recommended. Our parish hall seats approximately 40 people comfortably. The hall is only accessible via stairs.

how are readings, music, etc. chosen for the funeral?

Our pastor will work with you to choose the readings, music, etc. that will be used during the funeral service. Secular poems, music, readings, etc. are not part of a Catholic funeral Mass, and are therefore not permitted during the funeral service.

Is a eulogy permitted during the funeral?

During a Catholic funeral Mass a eulogy may be read before the service, at the reception, or at the graveside. We ask that Eulogies be kept under five minutes in length.

is incense used during the funeral?

Traditionally, incense is used during a Catholic funeral Mass. If you do not want incense used during the service, please notify the Pastor during the funeral planning process.

Do I need to find Musicians?

Our parish is able to provide a music ministry for the funeral service. If you would like to bring outside musicians or singers, please discuss this with the Pastor during the funeral planning process.

May I invite another Priest to Concelebrate?

Visiting priests are welcome to concelebrate the funeral Mass, but they must be approved by our Pastor.

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