The Legion of Mary (Latin: Legio Mariae) is an international association of members of the Roman Catholic Church who serve it on a voluntary basis. It was founded in Dublin, as a Roman Catholic Marian Movement by the layman and civil servant Frank Duff. There are more than 10 million members of the Legion worldwide, making it the largest apostolic organisation of lay people in the Catholic Church.
The primary mission of the Legion of Mary is to give glory to God through the sanctification of its members by spreading devotion to Mary and the Trinity, and of the whole world through the apostolate of the legion.
Aside from seeking spiritual growth and nourishment through the sacraments, personal and communal prayers, each legionary is required to actively participate in apostolic works such as:

  • Conversion/Evangelization - crowd contact work, distribution of catholic literature

  • Conservation/Instruction – religious instruction class, setting up or teaching Bible studies

  • Consolation – home or nursing home visitation

  • Para-liturgical events -religious service like promoting enthronement of the Sacred Heart/Divine Mercy, pilgrim statue visitation

  • Legion Promotion – extension and recruitment

  • Other works of service of the Legion and of the local

The Our Lady of Miraculous Medal Praesidium is the
praesidium (basic unit of the Legion of Mary) based in
St. Gerard Parish. The praesidium meets regularly every
Monday from 7:00 to 8:30 p.m. for the recitation of the Holy
Rosary, prayers and spiritual readings, as well as planning,
reporting and discussing the works of the Legion.
Those who wish to join the Legion of Mary may see anyone
of the following:

  • Perpy Lim 204 589-7699

  • Elizabeth Villavicencio 204-891-4838

  • Tess Balagtas 204-590-7191

  • Virgilio Villavicencio 204-227-8187

  • Arnel Lim 204 589-7699


Public Square Rosary Rally

On October 12, our Legion of Mary led a Public Square Rosary Rally. This was our Parish's third year of holding this rally under the banner of Canada Needs Our Lady.

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